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LIVE INTERVIEW @ShotgunGrizzly hosted by @Kellykelpromo listen to the single “Black Rob”!

Written by Boss_Chandler on Monday, July 17th, 2017

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Black Rob Cover Jo Grizzly, formerly known to fans as Shotgun Grizzly keeps an arsenal of lyrics at-the-ready for anyone who’s feeling lucky. Drawing inspiration from the universe; Jo Grizzly’s approach to music is influenced by his surroundings. Every verse etched with life experiences, current events and personal trials and triumphs.

Born J. Christopher Lilley, the Charlotte native began his craft in early 2003 as Big TReaL penning nine projects under the moniker until 2009 and hasn’t stopped creating since. Soon after debuting as TReaL, the inventive versifier gained a multitude of followers throughout the southeast region and a STAR was born… the era of J. Grizzly was ushered in. Working tirelessly in the studio, along with the collective that is God City, J. Grizzly fed Queen City Hip Hop with a cornucopia of ‘The Age of Jo Grizzly’ albums volumes 1-5 and closed the chapter with his ‘Ric Flair LP’ in 2012. With his incomparable work ethic, the ever-evolving emcee transcended into Shotgun Grizzly and became a metaphysical version of himself. Making music his therapy, Shotgun Grizzly finds solace inside the studio and makes sure it remains an enjoyable environment while creating new sounds.

Currently performing and promoting his latest hit single “Black Rob” Grizzly remains in high demand with the singles direct hip hop appeal. “Black Rob” officially debuted spring of 2017, produced by Krazy Figz. A heavy lyrical track with the appeal to the streets with no fluff music Jo Grizzly’s highly sought out lyrics and introduction of himself lays this track out which only a glimpse of what is to come. The new video “Black Rob” is set to release early July to the public but please view for media purpose below. We are currently accepting interviews and reviews for the artist at this time.

Taking aim at any attempts to conform, Jo Grizzly performs above the “norm”. Just when you thought it safe to place him into a category of just a rapper, he transitions into another realm of existence and challenges spectators to keep up.

***Official Music Video *** Black Robb – Jo Grizzly

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