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Written by Boss_Chandler on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

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CRISTI’AN has returned live with Kellykel on LipglossNMics. The last time we did an interview was the third quarter of
2016. She has elevated to a whole different level this year. You will discover that when you push play below.

 You can grab her new released EP “The Cage” on Live Mixtapes, Soundcloud also listens on the Contraband mixtape app. The first single release is “Peter Piper” it is not only lyrically put together distinctively as the rest of Cristi’an’s  work.  You have to check out the video on YouTube!! I do not believe you have seen a talented, artistic, vividly video like this one. Everyone, I show has some type of positive feedback to tell me.

This artist has a team full of support not only her manager being her mother. I have to shout her out. She wants what is best not only for her daughter but as an artist. She takes note of her work and ambition. Cristi’an is not like most artist in this generation her lyrical content is absolutely unique. She does not try to be what is playing all over the radio stations. She definitely wants to stand out on her own and be her own trendsetter.

I have a personal favorite I would love you all to go listen to “Rattled The Cage”. In this day and age I really believe there is a lyric in this song that will hit everyone. If it does not hit your life now. It sure did bring some type of memory back that rattled your mind for a split second. The ending of the song is breathtaking. Also, the video on YouTube is another must see. If you follow Cristi’an you will notice her music matches her videos.

Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @LyricalRockstar

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